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Received a "Speeding Fine" or "Speeding Ticket"
Speeding Fine Consultants could help BEAT your Ticket

If you have received a speeding infringement notice then Speeding Fine Consultants may be able to assist you to BEAT your Speeding Ticket.
Speeding Fine Consultants understand that many thousands of motorists are receiving Speeding Fines every day throughout Australia but most people do not realise that it is possible to beat and avoid many speeding tickets and fines. There are a multitude of reasons that make your speeding ticket invalid and Speeding Fine Consultants are experts in helping Australians to Beat Speeding Tickets and Fines

For us to help you Beat your Ticket we charge a one off fee of $370 without any ongoing charges.  We have helped thousands of motorists over the past 8 years BEAT their Speeding Tickets in Australia and New Zealand.

  1. Does your business, employment or lifestyle depend on your driving license?
  2. Do you believe that your traffic fine was unfairly issued?
  3. Were there mitigating circumstances at the time you were issued with your fine?

If you have answered yes to any of the above questions then call us now. We will provide a no obligation free assessment of your case. Just one phone call might save your Driving License, STOP the Demerit points and cancel the Speeding Fine
Our success rate is 85% of the cases that we take on. Can you afford not to call us?

Case Handling 
Personal management of each case by Scott Cooper Full instruction in court proceedings. How to dress and how to address the court. Identifying the prosecutors tricks, and how to watch out for unfair and incorrect police procedures. 24 hour telephone support.
Consulting Services 
Speeding Fine Consultants offer specialist and expert advice to the legal profession who wish to help their clients BEAT their Speeding Ticket. Our success rate is 85% so if your practice needs expert help to beat a speeding fine then call us now 
Talks and Presentations 
 Companies, Organisations, Motoring Clubs, Groups and Friends would you like to receive a talk presented by Scott Cooper with advice about how to beat a Speeding Fine or Speed Ticket. Perhaps you rely on drivers or couriers for your business to run smoothly? 

Simple Rules to follow if you get pulled over for speeding

Remember that when you are pulled over and booked for speeding, the incident is Alleged… not proven!
The Following rules will ensure you do not make the mistake of answering the police’s questions the wrong way. Remember that they are taping you as soon as the incident occurs and your civil rights are being infringed by the very first question they ask you.

That inevitable question is “Why were you speeding?”

Do not admit that you were speeding or may have been speeding. There will be no chance of defending yourself in court later on. Remember that you are not under arrest and your only obligation is to hand over your driving license and registration.
If you follow the rules to the right you will stand a good chance of beating your speeding ticket and winning your case in court should you wish to defend the Speeding Fine or Speeding Ticket. The justice system is there for all of us, not just the police and the most it will cost you in court is $65. If you win it costs you nothing!

For further information and consultancy about how to defend yourself against and the dreaded Laser Gun (lidar), the mobile radar or the speed camera, call the man who has beaten them all and helps motorists win their cases by exposing each speed equipment’s inadequacies.

Is there anything that can be done about my alleged speeding traffic infringement if I did not follow the 3 simple rules?

Yes: There are many instances that can make your alleged speeding violation invalid this is why you need to call now for your free no obligation case assessment. Your ticket may have been issued unfairly, or the speed detection camera was faulty. Many years of experience have proven that Speeding Fine Consultants have the most expertise in Traffic Fines in Australia

Rule 1 
Rule number one is your answer to the question, “Why were you speeding?” Simply reply, “I was not speeding Officer, I was sitting exactly on the posted speed limit”
Rule 2 
Rule number two is your answer to the Officer if he persists in repeating question one by saying his equipment has shown that you were speeding.
Simply reply,“I was not speeding Officer, if your equipment says I was then I would strongly suggest that it is faulty. Will you show me the last infringement notice you issued so I may compare to see if their speed was the same as the one you are claiming I was doing?”
In most cases, the policeman will show you your reading but refuse to show you the previous one, citing that he is not obliged to do so 
Rule 3 
The third rule is perhaps the most important of all. Under the National Safety Committee guidelines for the use and implementation of Police Speed detection devices, the police are only supposed to be operating them in known “Black Spot” or high accident areas.
Innocently ask the question to the policeman, “Why are you operating this speed detection device in this area? Is it a known black spot or high accident risk area?”

The Morality of Defending Motorists against Speeding Fines

Each year in Australia, over one billion dollars swells various government coffers courtesy of Speed detection devices. The primary functionality of these devices is to lower the road toll.

Unfortunately, for many reasons, this has definitively, not happened. Even if you ratio the per capita amount of new cars and new drivers that come onto our highways and streets each year, the road toll is still rising at an alarming rate. Major studies have been undertaken both here and overseas to find a common reason for the increase with mixed results. What is known however, is that increased police presence on the roads does have a calming effect on traffic and it is unlikely the speeders or bad drivers will try their dangerous driving techniques if they suspect that a travelling police vehicle may intercept them.

The police know this and yet they tie up valuable human resources and place them in speed camera vehicles at an ever increasing rate.

The main consensus from all these studies, besides increased police presence on the roads, is that you will not stop the idiots out there. The young bucks will still speed, the drunks will still drive and the increase in speed detection devices and the knee jerk reaction from all state governments has unfortunately, been aimed squarely at the mainstream motorists. The television campaigns of “There has been enough blood spilled on our streets”, is now in its seventh year with the rate of speeding, drunk and dangerous drivers rising alarmingly, particularly here in Queensland.

The new technique of double demerit points has now hit the stage where, unless you are watching your speedo with an eagle eye, particularly in hilly areas that dot Brisbane, you will get booked. Now it is two strikes, high range offences, and you hand your license in. Who is being hit the most? Bus drivers, taxi drivers, ambulance drivers, truck drivers etc etc. The more time you spend on the road, the more likely you are to be booked…

If the game is played in fairness, why is it that most speed cameras are mounted either halfway down, or at the bottom of substantial hills?

The placement of these devices can be obviated forever with the motoring public now becoming sick and tired of secretive police procedures to catch unwitting motorists.

The court system is loaded, for that read biased, towards the police. When you do fight a speeding fine and decide to take the matter to court, the courts send you reams of information on how to plead guilty to the charge…not one word about how to plead not guilty which is exactly why you are taking the matter to court in the first place.

My position in all this has always been crystal clear. I am not here to police bash. I am not here to help the high range offence speeders nor the drunk and dangerous drivers.  I simply bring a very biased system back to a level playing field. The police don’t like it when you tell them that the law is here for all of us. They also don’t like the 85 percent win ratio. I have by beating them consistently in court and exposing the many faults their speed detection devices have.

I help those who tell me that they are innocent of the charge of speeding and you can generally tell, by listening to their stories, that the police have obviously got it all wrong either on purpose or their equipment is faulty.

My reality is that I am the only one who can help them. There is only one solicitor in the whole of Australia that will take on traffic cases and actually try and win them…just one!

Australians respect the bloke who is real. Not the bloke who shoots his mouth off but has very little credit when called on, I am the only person in this whole country who has beaten the Mobile radar, the speed camera and the dreaded Lidar. I did this by representing myself with no help from solicitors or expert witnesses and have appeared on every current affairs and news program on every channel. Radio sports on John Laws, my own talk back show on 4BH, numerous articles written and published in all major print media etc etc.

I do no advertising or promotion whatsoever and yet six times a day I get calls from drivers who have been wronged. The amount is increasing dramatically with the advent of double points. The biggest point that motorists don’t realise with these new points is that if your last offence for speeding, and that may have happened years and years ago, was one where you were 15kmh over the limit, then if you get hit today you will cop double points. 


Never before, in the history of this proud nation, has the general populace been ripped off so cleverly and blatantly by the very people we empowered to protect and keep us from harm, and that is the government and the police.

Despite the governments policy of secrecy regarding just how much revenue is collected annually from speed detection devices, it is generally accepted that last year somewhere in the vicinity of One Billion Dollars was lifted from motorists pockets.

Whether you are accepting of current speed limits on our National Highways is somewhat moot, this article merely points out the unbalanced playing field we have complacently accepted in this country and how this veritable police state and policy of zero tolerance to motorists is impugning our civil rights. We have been bombarded with media policies of “Speed Kills”, “Every K over is a killer”, very cleverly, resulting in a social conscience that makes us think twice about defending ourselves in court on speeding fines even when we know that fine is inaccurate or bogus.

Statistics released here in Australia, if you believe the police, would have us believe that they are winning the war against the carnage on our roads but the reality is far different.

Figures can be distorted and in the not so distant past when the police tried to tell us that they had reduced the road toll in Victoria as a result of speed detection devices it was quickly and publicly pointed out that the only reason they had dropped was because pedestrian deaths had been averted by newly designed pedestrian crossings.

Perhaps as a parallel we should look more closely at a civilized country like America. In 1997 the American president realised that the entire public highway system and speed limits were run by the major insurance conglomerates. In an effort to eliminate this imbalance he actually raised the speed limit quite substantially. A remarkable thing then happened. The road toll dropped immediately to its lowest in recorded History [sic 1965] and has stayed down ever since. Likewise accidents, insurance claims and time spent on the roads.

That statistic just can’t be argued with. Several civilised countries have followed suit with the same results and more interestingly, it has been people power in those countries that have had these dreaded speed detection devices removed entirely.

It should be noted that the American speed increase was only designated for highways and expressways, the speed limit within town and built up areas has not varied.

This article is designed to point out that we have allowed governments and the police to make us a nation of sheep; policies and a bombardment of television ads have dulled us to the point where we allow those in power to do our thinking for us. That is not what our forefathers fought and died for and to be more succinct, it is un-Australian.

Wake up Australia. These detection devices are a sick joke and worse still, they are that inaccurate and prone to error, they should never have been introduced in the first place. Our apathy and complacency allowing the ever gradual increase in speed detection devices to rip us off to an unbelievable level will only guarantee that we are leaving a legacy for future generations. When your now 5 year old grandson, in 13 years time proudly rings you from the transport office and tells you that he has not got his driving license, then arrives home in tears with a tale of how police hiding behind bushes and hidden speed cameras have eliminated his points in one drive home, then hang your heads in shame. By our present silence we are allowing this rip-off to become the norm. Pretty soon it will become accepted policy and we will have lost the chance to balance the whole unbalanced playing field back to an acceptable level.

In the more recent past I have been asked to put my point of view forward on National television programs regarding speed detection devices for the reason that I have, by defending myself in court, with no help from technical experts or legal representatives, soundly beaten all the speed detection devices we have here in Australia.

You could view this as just someone who had found some loopholes and has exploited them but my agenda is far more extensive than that. I help people defend themselves in court against speeding fines. I do this so each and every person who walks through the justice system becomes somewhat of an expert on just how the court system works. In all cases they are horrified at just how unbalanced the system actually is and become committed to changing it back to a law that works for everyone, not just the police. In turn they can help friends; relatives etc and gradually turn the tide against what I believe to be an unjust system.

By researching the current detection devices I was shocked to learn just how inaccurate they are and prone to giving erroneous or false readings. Every device the police use is a derivative of microwave radar and it doesn’t matter how carefully the police calibrate the internal workings of the mobile radar [Doeppler], The speed camera [Photo Radar] and the dreaded Lidar or Laser gun, they are all susceptible to outside interference. This outside interference has always been known about by the police and when these devices were originally introduced they were under the strict guidelines of the national safety committee. That committee asked that these devices only be used in areas designated as black spots and high accident zones. When state government’s realised the enormous revenue these devices were raising they turned a blind eye when the police “Changed the rules”. Totally ignoring the safety committee’s recommendations and the fact that they know these devices are error prone, the police have now adopted an “Anywhere Anytime” policy where they do their darndest to hide these devices behind every available hiding place, consistently use them near airports, under high and low voltage power lines etc etc etc.

Although I prefer to keep the faults of these devices to myself so I can help those who seek my help, I will give you just some of the facts on a couple of these devices that may just help you to wake up and answer the do gooders when they extol the virtues of our current system. The photo radar or speed camera will often go to the source of the strongest signal. That just may be the Mack truck boring down the outside lane while you are well in front of it, sitting on the speed limit in the inside lane!

The Lidar or Laser gun is nothing but a sick joke. It is essentially a hand held pistol like device, with open sights that at 300 metres has a beam width of over 1.2 metres! This is no pin point accurate device that paints a little red dot on your chest like you see in the movies folks, the beam on this little gem goes out in ever widening circles. When you combine that with the limitations of the human eye, the normal tremor of the human hand and the fact that on the road we are moving targets, you have a recipe for disaster. Time and time again I have sat in courts and listened to cops trying to convince a court that they got an “accurate reading” on motorists at distances exceeding 300metres by aiming their Lidars at, wait for it, the number plates of those vehicles!! That superhuman ability is simply not within the range of human eyesight and it’s about time the courts stopped swallowing this rubbish unquestionably.

To further unbalance the game, the police have recently passed legislation whereby if you wish to question either the accuracy of their speed detection devices or the operators then you must give them 21 days clear notice in writing so that they may bring along their “Own” experts to court. One could reasonably be forgiven if you were to wonder why, if these devices are as dead accurate as they have made them out to be, why would they actually need to pass that sort of law?

The erosion of our civil rights is an issue that particularly concerns me. To give an example of this is the policy of Traffic police when they pull a motorist over who is suspected of speeding. The very first question they ask you is “why were you speeding”.

They know full well that when a motorist is pulled over, he or she is very likely to be in a state of physical shock and likely to blurt out anything. The answer to that seemingly innocent question is usually a mix of “sorry officer, I wasn’t watching my speed”, or, “sorry officer, I didn’t realise I was going that fast”.

Those last two answers have just guaranteed that you will lose in court should you seek to challenge the matter. The Police have a tape recorder usually hidden under the shirt or jacket of their left shoulder. They don’t tell you that they are recording you and the question is one of entrapment. They actually coerce you into making a “confession” and to my way of thinking that sucks….Furthermore, if you take these matters to court then they bombard you with forms and advertising literature to say how easy it is to plead guilty, nothing whatsoever is given to help you actually defend yourself even though it is our fundamental right to do so.

One of the primary reasons there is zero tolerance for motorists and a perceived large amount of tolerance for repeat offender criminals is that motorists do not avail themselves of our justice and court system the way crims do. If a crim gets caught breaking into a house with a sack full of stolen goods, he goes to court. In his defense he will bring up all sorts of extenuating and mitigating circumstances as to why he committed that crime. It may be that he came from a broken home, was a recovering alcoholic and part time drug user at the time and whether we like it or not, all those circumstances are seen as mitigating by the Magistrates and the sentence and fines are reduced accordingly.

Good people of Australia, please wake up! Exactly the same rules apply to motorists. There may have been a reason why you were exceeding the speed limit; anything from keeping up with the traffic flow to a recent phone call where a family member had taken ill, to any good reason why you just may have been speeding. Explain these to the magistrate in court and you will find you are actually listened to. You may not have the whole matter dismissed but in many cases, the fines and according points are reduced to an acceptable and fair level.

Remember what I said way back in this article. It is my job to teach people the intricacies of court procedure and the law, the many avenues they have to defend themselves, the nasty little tricks the police prosecutors get up to, and how to win in court. I do this to educate people and make them somewhat experts themselves. Hopefully, as has happened in many civilised countries worldwide, when enough of us defend ourselves against these ridiculous fines, governments will be forced to look closely at what has been going on and do something constructive about it. The next time you get pulled over for speeding and the cop asks you why you were speeding, simply answer, “I wasn’t officer and if your equipment says I was, then I would strongly suggest there must be something wrong with your equipment”.

It is your civil rights that cop is trying to infringe folks and you are under no obligation to answer such a question. Simply remain courteous and be forthcoming with your license and registration. This tactic may send the cop into somewhat of a hissy fit but it is the correct one to follow, you are not under arrest and under no obligation whatsoever to answer questions that may be sued against you later on should you wish to challenge the matter in court.

Another reality check is the common misconception that to challenge speeding fines costs an arm and a leg. Let me tell you that if you send that infringement notice back in and elect to go to court, several things happen. The first is that everything goes into limbo, while the matter is unresolved they can’t take any points off you, they can’t take any money off you, and they can’t take your license off you either! If you defend the matter and lose, the most it will cost you is the original fine the cop issued you with plus $65.50 in court costs. If you win it costs you exactly nothing. If it takes a year for the matter to come to court as happens in many busy court areas and you are short on points, then you have just extended your license for that period of time…

While I’m sure the police will scream unfair with this tactic, the reality is that it is our right to do so under the law. How many crims have you heard of that have told a magistrate they are guilty and asked that magistrate to award them the maximum penalty under the law?

Conversely, heavy penalties are handed out by the traffic police every day with absolutely no tolerance for any circumstance that may have caused you to speed and that includes the fickleness of their own speed detection devices! It is time for action good people of Australia, the little ripple I started several years ago now by beating them at their own game has now gained national awareness. So far I have helped over 1700 people nationwide to fight speeding fines. Those people have shown extraordinary courage and in most cases have been pushed over the edge to the extent where they have seen the “system” rip them off and leave them feeling like a criminal by the unswerving intolerance shown to them by the police who booked them. In most cases they knew they were not speeding, or explained mitigating circumstances to the police at the time. Even though traffic police have discretionary power to lessen or even dismiss these fines before they write out the ticket, they show no mercy whatsoever. It is up to us.

The time is right now to decide whether we are going to lay down like a nation of sheep and allow this rip-off to continue or whether we are going to build the little ripple into a veritable Tsunami and have these horrid, inconsistent, civil rights impugning speed detection devices removed altogether and a more tolerant approach shown to law abiding motorists.

We can help you BEAT a Speeding Fine or Speeding Ticket. Was your ticket issued unfairly, do you need help to appeal against your speeding fine? Scott Cooper has been offering expert advice for many years and has helped thousands of motorists to avoid their fines, avoid the demerit points and save their driving licenses. Speeding Tickets and Fines are affecting motorists throughout Australia, many people are losing their jobs, if you use the roads regularly then the chances are that you will be issued with a Speeding Ticket at some time, if you need help then Scott Cooper can help beat your Speeding Ticket. Demerit Points are kept on your driving license for 3 years and can push up your insurance premiums. This is why if you have received a Speeding Ticket or Speeding Fine that may have been issued unfairly then it is worth while trying to beat your Speeding Ticket. Many motorists are being caught unfairly in Australia for alleged Speeding and one of the best ways to fight back is by contacting us for reliable, expert advice
Scott Cooper is the only person in Australia to have beaten all the radar speed detection devices currently in police service, in court
These include mobile radar, speed camera and the dreaded Lidar and Laser Gun. What makes is all the more remarkable is that he has done this by representing himself in court with no help whatsoever from the legal fraternity or so called and high priced Experts. Barristers and Solicitors regularly consult Scott Cooper when they do not know how to win a traffic case against these radar devices

Scott has been helping motorists win their cases in court against unfair speeding fines for over 7 years now and has represented embassies, solicitor and Barrister firms, companies and corporations and the "police themselves" when they have fallen foul of overzealous State Traffic cops.

He has appeared many times on shows such as A Current Affair,Today Tonight, the Today Show, various radio talkback shows including The John Laws show and Radio 4BH, written articles for major newspapers and magazines and given talks to many car clubs and large transport companies telling drivers how to play the game and keep their licenses given the current entrapment policies of the Traffic Police throughout Australia.

Scott's background is ex-military intelligence and accordingly he is very thorough with his facts and research

The cost of Taking your Speeding Fine case to court

There is only ONE UPFRONT FEE which is only a fraction of what you would be charged by a solicitor. Importantly there are no on-goings no matter how long it takes for your case to reach court and finalisation you will not be charged anything extra.

You will have the opportunity to take out additional services which are at your discretion and are not required. In some instances it may be necessary to take some additional photographs as evidence which may be charged for if you are unable to provide them. However additional costs and charges are not the norm and the majority of our clients enjoy the benefit of Speeding Fine Consultants one off fee with no ongoing's.

The cost of taking your case to court is $65* which is not payable if you win your case and as 85% of our clients do BEAT their speeding fines in court few people actually need to make this additional charge.
*prices may vary in per State

Is it worth defending yourself in Court?

It is worth remembering that when you are given a Speeding Fine Infringement notice that your offence is ALLEGED and NOT PROVEN. As you may understand the courts are inundated with speeding related cases and as such many clients wait for up to 12 months before their court appearance. During this time you can still continue to drive. This time extension might prove invaluable to your employment, business or lifestyle. Perhaps you are on the roads a lot, maybe a taxi driver, or courier van driver and perhaps you feel that its time to reconsider your vocation or lifestyle. This is where taking your case to court can help, you could use this time to make important changes to your life, maybe to look for alternative employment or learn a new skill. All of which might not be possible if you immediately pay for your fine and have accumulated sufficient demerit points to invalidate your license. The reality is that many people are losing their driving license; it is no longer simply high speed offenders but instead ordinary people who simply find themselves in the wrong place at the wrong time.

At Speeding Fine Consultants we understand that the majority of drivers do not intentionally driver in excess of the speed limit but sometimes find themselves in a situation where just a few kilometres over the give speed limit has put demerit points on their license. This is why we do not represent excessively high speed offenders, our aim is to simply assist motorists win their case in court against fines that have been issued unfairly.
The problem we are all faced with when we receive a Traffic Violation Notice is that most of us immediately assume that we have done something wrong and in most cases we simply go along to our local transport office, pay the fine and suffer with the addition of demerit points to our driving licence. But the reality is that all Speeding Fines are not always issued fairly and correctly and as a result many innocent drivers are facing the hardship of increased insurance premiums due to speeding fines. Sadly on the roads, world over there are people who abuse the speed limits and risk danger to not only themselves but also their passengers but other motorists and pedestrians. These are not the motorists we are actively trying to assist. At Speeding Fine Consultants we simply offer advise gained from many years experience about how to defend yourself in court if it looks or appears that your speeding fine infringement notice may have been issued in fairly.
Although the prospect of court may seem daunting the reality is that the courts are there for everyone's use, not just for the prosecution and making use of the legal system is the only way to beat unfair speeding fines. Most clients of Speeding Fine Consultants feel a real sense of personal achievement after attending court and not backing down to a fine that in many cases has been issued unfairly.
So, Is it worth defending yourself in court? At Speeding Fine Consultants we think YES it is worth standing up for your moral and legal rights and we offer the support, guidance and knowledge that you need to represent yourself against an unfair fine.
In some cases it is not the method of detection or accuracy of the reading that is used to defend your case in court, sometimes it is possible to win your case by questioning the validity of the legal processes.  In some cases although the speed detection method is good the police do not get the paperwork right. In this instance you don’t need run a defence case to right a criminal charge. If the police fail to prove that they have followed the correct procedures  which includes a multitude of variables then the prosecution can be unsuccessful.  The prosecution do not always get over these obstacles and in this instance you do not have to run a defence case.  At Speeding Fine Consultants we win many cases  due to technicalities and our skill and expertise can assist you greatly in these instances.


I have already paid the fine, can you help?
Unfortunately once you have paid the fine then you will incur any demerit points that have been issued.  The only way to appeal against the Demerit Points and your Speeding Fine is to take the case to court without making any payment.

Is Scott Cooper a Lawyer or Barrister ?
No. Scott Cooper is ex military intelligence who has had over 7 years experience in helping people beat their speeding fines; he does however get called upon by many legal firms throughout Australia to offer his expert assistance.

What are my chances in court?
We provide an initial consultation at no charge based on the information that you provide us with. From this information we will assess your specific Speeding Fine based on a number of varying factors. We will advise you of the probably outcome of your case but cannot guarantee that you will BEAT your Ticket

Phone Now: 0419 536 975 for an initial consultation

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