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Simple Rules to follow if you get pulled over for Speeding in Australia

what to do if you get pulled over for speeding in Australia"DONT PANIC"

Remember that when you are pulled over and booked for speeding, the incident is
Alleged… not proven!

The Following rules will ensure you do not make the mistake of answering the police’s
questions the wrong way. Remember that they are taping you as soon as the incident
occurs and your civil rights are being infringed by the very first question they ask you.
That inevitable question is “Why were you speeding?”

If you admit that you have been speeding or may have been speeding you have no chance
of defending yourself in court later on. Remember that you are not under arrest and your
only obligation is to hand over your license and registration.

Rule number one is your answer to the question, “Why were you speeding?”
I would prefer not to answer that question and would like to look at the infringement notice privately at home

Rule number two is your answer to the Officer if he persists in repeating question one by
saying his equipment has shown that you were speeding.

“Remember that you do not know for certain that the equipment being used accurately measured your alleged speed. Instead of admitting to an offence that you might not be guilty of state that you dont believe that you were speeding or that you would prefer not to answer the question "

This should not be confused as a suggestion to lie to the police officer, but in any legal matter it would be unwise to make an admission of guilt to an offence that is only ALLEGED and not at that point in time PROVEN. The police officer will be recording your conversation as soon as the incident occurs which is why we suggest that you dont make any admission of guilt until you have reviewed the incident or spoken to us for advice.

In most cases, the policeman will show you your reading but do not comment on it or feel intimidated into making an admission of guilt. With any legal matter and in accordance with your civil rights you are innocent until proven guilty.

The next rule is perhaps the most important of all. Under the National Safety Committee
guidelines for the use and implementation of Police Speed detection devices, the police
are only supposed to be operating them in known “Black Spot” or high accident areas.
Innocently ask the question to the policeman, “Why are you operating this speed detection device in this area? Is it a known black spot or high accident risk area?”

If you follow the above rules you will stand a good chance of winning your case in court
should you wish to defend the infringement. The justice system is there for all of us, not
just the police and the most it will cost you in court is $65. If you win it costs you

For further information and consultancy about how to defend yourself against and
dreaded Laser Gun (lidar), the mobile radar or the speed camera, call the man who has
beaten them all and helps motorists win their cases by exposing each speed equipment’s

Remember that when  you are pulled over and booked for speeding the incident is Alleged…. Not Proven!

The following rules will ensure you do not make the mistake of answering the police’s questions the wrong way.  remember

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delivery drivers are facing losing their driving licences throughout Australia


I have been a ‘truckie’ for over 20 years and I guess like everyone else, I’ve been booked a few times.  Last year I had been booked on what I considered a rubbish speeding charge and looked like I was going to lose my license and my livelihood.  I heard Scott Cooper on the John Laws show and rang him to ask for help.
Scott was incredible.  Only a month later I was booked again and the two cases were heard concurrently.  He got me off both of them and I can’t thank him enough.
He led me through every step of the process with great patience and without him I would be out of a job and without a driver’s license.  Scott, You’re a champion mate and the only one out there with the guts to take the cops on and beat them at their own game.
Bruce Holden

Bruce Holden is just one of the many many motorists who have taken Scott Coopers advice and taken their alleged Speeding Infringement to court and WON.

He is the most successful expert at Beating Speeding Fines in Australia and he provides his services at a very low one off charge with no ongoings.

Scott cares about each case and he listens to you specific details sensitively as he understands the severity that could be caused by losing a driving license.

No matter if this if your first Speeding fine or you are already on numerous Demerit Points Scott will try his best to help you


Scott understands that many thousands of motorists have been booked for speeding and the accuracy of the detection equipment has not 100% effective, for many people the addition of demerit points and a loss of a license can have far reaching consequences.

Scott Cooper's Consultancy Services are available throughout the whole of Australia