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Newspaper Media told the Australian motoring public during the year of 2012 how hard it is to win in court against speeding fines.  Perhaps they should have talked to the hundreds of motorists Speeding fine Consultants won cases for, to get the real story and listen to how it has empowered them to stand up against a system that is biased, draconian and doing nothing to lower the road toll.

The entire speeding fine detection program throughout Australia is revenue driven rather than road safety driven.  The fact is road safety authorities have run out of ideas, apart from blaming motorists.  Authorities are treating motorists like common criminals with their punitive approach and failing to recognise that whilst we all drive vehicles that do not automatically adjust their speed to each separate speed zone..we are all at risk.

Speeding Fine Consultants is dedicated to fighting the draconian measures adopted by governments and Police and stopping the abuse of our civil rights along the way.

Motorists need to be aware that when the Police level a charge of speeding against you, it is an allegation.  Should you decide to fight the matter in court, there is no obligation on a motorist to prove his or her innocence, it is encumbent on the prosecution to prove all elements of the charge.

Solicitor Warren Black has now joined our ranks for those clients who prefer representation in court and Warren is also a fighter for law reform and civil rights.  Scott and Warren fought many cases in all states during 2012 and were successful on all occasions.

When you are pulled over and accused of speeding, it is rare these days that the police officer treats you with respect and manners.  Instead you get a blue shirt yelling at you and trying his best to frighten and intimidate you into paying up immediately.   There is no room for a reduced fine or a warning.  Instead you are hit with the full fine, every time and this type of jackboot approach has seen Australian Motorists say enough is enough.  If you dont think you are being treated unfairly, can you remember when a criminal received the full fine or sentence by a court?

This bullying tactic works very well.  It is a fact that 95% of people booked for speeding, run out and pay the fine immediately even when they know it was issued under dodgy circumstances. It is indeed a sad indictment on the Australian motoring population that most of us will not fight for hard won freedoms that indeed makes this country unique, even when they know they are being fined incorrectly or unneccesarily.

Speeding Fine Consultants is dedicated to helping motorists reclaim their civil rights by fighting unfair speeding fines and helping motorists through the maze of dealing with penalty departments and transport authorities.  At the rate Australian motorists are being booked, very few will have a license in five years time.  The present system is not getting the idiots off the road, it is however taking the license and livelihoods off productive citizens who have racked up points through a succession of piffling speeding fines, usually through speed cameras and we make no apology for stating that speed cameras are the biggest rort of all time in terms of road safety claims.

We are about to alert you to a well kept secret that no govt dept or police want you to know.

Every Australian road has been designed to what is called the 85th percentile.  In laymans terms it means that every passing lane and broken white line road has been designed so that if you intend to pass a vehicle doing 85% of the speed limit, you must be doing 115% of the speed limit to get around that vehicle in the space, time and sight distance provided.  For vehicles doing 95% of the speed limit you must do 130% of the speed limit to get around safely.  This information is contained in the National Australian Association of State Highway Authorities manual and shows just what a rort speeding fines are in this country.  Ask yourself one question, why do police haunt overtaking sections when they know full well you have to exceed the posted limit to pass slow vehicles safely and correctly, as our roads have been designed for?

Here is another secret.  Australia's most senior policewoman was part of a five year study that concluded 71% of high speed single vehicle fatalities involving males, were in fact...suicide.

Why is it that Germany, with its unlimited speed [at certain times] motorways, has a percentage road toll of one compared to 28 deceased australians even given the fact their population is many times that of Australia?

Did you know that Britain finally admitted, after a 14 year study, that speed cameras have a negligible effect on road safety and their road toll dropped by 21%  the ensuing year they turned off half the country's 6000 speed cameras?

Did you know that Speeding Fine Consultants has been contacted by several Highway Patrol police from NSW telling us they are sick of having to enforce a quota system of bookings in that state that has nothing to do with road safety?

The govt and police have been very careful about emplanting a social conscience that speed kills and yet the road toll continues to soar.  Here at Speeding fine consultants we are about lobbying govt to recognise that driver education, increasing outer lane speed limits on motorways and getting back to sensible speed zones that now see us driving in every zone from 10kph to 110kph, are world proven methods to reduce the road toll.

Every year hundreds of thousands of motorists lose their licenses to the points system and many of them are P Platers.

Who taught these P Platers to drive?  It was the transport depts of state govts more interested in the fees from licenses rather than actually teaching kids to drive correctly and yet when govt gleefully extoll these horrendous figures, they assume no responsibility for the result of their ineptitude.

The late Peter Brock had a saying,  'Its not speed that kills, it is inappropriate speed for the conditions'...never a truer word was said.

If you look back ten years ago and compare the speeding fine detection scenario then to todays' insane plethora of speed cameras and police going to areas they know will trap the most speeders, then maybe you will understand it is time to stand up for your rights.   That is what we do here at Speeding fine consultants.

If you think for one minute that current measures are slowing down motorists then perhaps the following will make you think twice.  The Brisbane Courier Mail reported that during a particular seven day period in 2011, the amount of speeding motorists caught, was 2598.  During the same period in the year of 2012, 16,892 motorists were nabbed for speeding.....

The following information comes from a well known and respected Australian ex politician.
"I can confirm the information you provided on last night's television story is completely factual for not only political but personal experience.  One of the greatest cons by government in relation to these cameras is that once upon a time, governments increased taxes to when they needed additional funding and we, the community, blamed them.  Now the cameras are used to increase, by phenomenal percentages, government funding...AND THEY CAN BLAME US!  Whover dreamed this up is a mastermind."

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Case Handling

Scott Cooper Scott Cooper has been the lone voice alerting motorists to dodgy police practices and bias towards motorists for many years. Along the way he has helped thousands of motorists beat unfair speeding fines in court and has gained the trust and respect of the Australian motoring public.

Consulting Services

Specialist advice for Speeding Tickets Speeding Fine Consultants offer specialist and expert advice to the legal profession who wish to help their clients BEAT their Speeding Ticket. Our success rate is 85% so if your practice needs expert help to beat a speeding fine then call us now

Talks and Presentations

Talks and Presentations to Companies and Businesses Companies, Organisations, Motoring Clubs, Groups and Friends would you like to receive a talk presented by Scott Cooper with advice about how to beat a Speeding Fine or Speed Ticket. Perhaps you rely on drivers or couriers for your business to run smoothly?

speeding fines and motor insurance policies

What does your policy wording actually say about speeding fines?

If you cop a speeding fine and it is in the low offence range, costing up to $200, Motorists assume that to just pay it and get it out of the road is the best option.

You need to be aware that unlike points racked up in a 3 year period, each time you are fined it goes down as a black mark on your driving history… for life.  What you may also not be aware of is that you are supposed to notify your vehicle comprehensive insurance company each and every time you get booked or commit a traffic offence and have either been convicted of it or simply paid the fine.

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Simple Rules to follow if you get pulled over for speeding

Rule 1

Rule number one is your answer to the question, “Why were you speeding?” Simply reply, “I would prefer not to answer that question and would like to look at the infringement notice privately at home ”

Rule 2

Rule number two is your answer to the Officer if he persists in repeating question one by saying his equipment has shown that you were speeding.
,“Remember that you do not know for certain that the equipment being used accurately measured your alleged speed. Instead of admitting to an offence that you might not be guilty of state that you don't believe that you were speeding ”
This should not be confused as a suggestion to lie to the police officer, but in any legal matter it would be unwise to make an admission of guilt to an offence that is only ALLEGED and not at that point in time PROVEN. The police officer will be recording your conversation as soon as the incident occurs which is why we suggest that you don't make any admission of guilt until you have reviewed the incident or spoken to us for advice.

Rule 3

The third rule is perhaps the most important of all. Under the National Safety Committee guidelines for the use and implementation of Police Speed detection devices, the police are only supposed to be operating them in known “Black Spot or high accident areas. It is perfectly acceptable to ask this question to the policeman, “Why are you operating this speed detection device in this area? Is it a known black spot or high accident risk area?”



It has become apparent in 2009/2010 and 2011 that all state govts are moving towards installing more and more speed cameras.   They tell us this ploy is in the name of road safety but the reality is far more sinister.   Speed cameras are an enormous source of revenue for govt and even private enterprise groups like the Macquarie bank have jumped into the 'business of speed cameras.'   Whilst the police themselves have come out and labelled them 'mobile poker machines', govts in this country will not listen   and are continuing to steal from their constituents.

In February 2011, Scott Cooper released figures from the Department of Transport in England on television program 'Today Tonight' that showed speed cameras not only don't is apparent that they are actually causing accidents!

The report reads as follows, More than half of Brittains 6,000 speed cameras are now switched off at any one time as councils try to save money.   Over a year whist the traffic volume fell by only 1.3 percent, road fatalities fell 21% !   Road Safety experts says this shows that more than two decades of obsession with speed cameras has been misplaced.

Even the former police chief turned road safety expert who installed Britain's first speed camera nearly 20 years ago said the figures showed there had been an 'over emphasis' on speed cameras.

Now if the British road toll had stayed the same as when cameras were turned could argue they had not worked but when the road toll drops by a massive 21%, the only answer is that these flash for cash cameras are causing accidents.

Speed cameras cannot stop a speeding driver.   They show no duty of care to other road users as the whole premise of speeding fine detection is to stop a speeding driver before they cause an accident.

Speed cameras cannot detect drunk or drugged drivers.   Only the police can do that and govts here have effectively taken the police 'out of the game' by relegating the majority of speeding detection to speed cameras.    As this rort continues, police unions have realised that govts have dropped police recruit numbers simply because they are unneeded.....

There are no correct studies world wide that remotely suggest speed cameras have lessened the road toll and these devices have been responsible for more drivers losing their licenses through a succession of piffling speed offences than any other.

....Read the full shocking Article here

The Great "Australian Rip Off "

Each year in Australia, over one billion dollars swells various government coffers courtesy of Speed detection devices. Statistics released here in Australia, if you believe the police, would have us believe that they are winning the war against the carnage on our roads but the reality is far different. Figures can be distorted and in the not so distant past when the police tried to tell us that they had reduced the road toll in Victoria as a result of speed detection devices it was quickly and publicly pointed out that the only reason they had dropped was because pedestrian deaths had been averted by newly designed pedestrian crossings. By researching the current detection devices I was shocked to learn just how inaccurate they are and prone to giving erroneous or false readings. Every device the police use is a derivative of microwave radar and it doesn't matter how carefully the police calibrate the internal workings of the mobile radar [Doeppler], The speed camera [Photo Radar] and the dreaded Lidar or Laser gun, are all susceptible to outside interference If you spend time on the road then statistically you are likely to receive SPEEDING FINES or SPEEDING TICKETS

....Read the full Article here

We can help you BEAT Speeding Fines or Speeding Tickets. Was your ticket issued unfairly, do you need help to appeal against your speeding fine? Scott Cooper has been offering expert advice for many years and has helped thousands of motorists to avoid their fines, avoid the demerit points and save their driving licenses. Speeding Tickets and Fines are affecting motorists throughout Australia, many people are losing their jobs, if you use the roads regularly then the chances are that you will be issued with a Speeding Ticket at some time, if you need help then Scott Cooper can help beat your Speeding Ticket. Demerit Points are kept on your driving license for 3 years and can push up your insurance premiums. This is why if you have received a Speeding Ticket or Speeding Fine that may have been issued unfairly then it is worth while trying to beat your Speeding Ticket. Many motorists are being caught unfairly in Australia for alleged Speeding and one of the best ways to fight back is by contacting us for reliable, expert advice
Australia wide Speeding Fine case handling service including New South Wales (NSW), Northern Territories (NT), Queensland (QLD), Southern Australia (SA), Tasmania(TAS), Victoria (VIC), Western Australia (WA), also some specialist services available in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Cairns, Townsville.


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Who is Scott Cooper

Scott Cooper is a Sunshine Coast businessman who has defended himself many times in court against all current police radar equipment –without the aid of solicitors or so called "experts" and has won all his speeding fine cases . 
Right now he is assisting 1000's people across Australia who think that their speeding fines were issued unfairly.
Scott Cooper is ex-military intelligence and accordingly very thorough with his facts and research..... Read More

Beat your Speeding Ticket

Have you just received a Traffic Infringement Notice?

Traffic Infringement Issued, do you think its fair?

Cameras do tell lies, don't assume that the radar or camera were working correctly or police procedures were followed correctly. At Speeding Fine Consultants we are helping many motorists have their Demerit Points and Fines withdrawn due our expertise. What may look like a photographic evidence often results in the proof that you need to have your fine cancelled; if you really want to avoid your speeding fine then call us, our no obligation case assessment lasts for approximately 5 minutes and may end up saving unfair points on your driving license.

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